Our Services

Based on our long term local experience, the team at NYB can provide you with an array of services to support both pre-sale and after-sale follow-up for buyers and sellers alike. These services include information on:

  • Pertinent State and Local regulations
  • Detailed vessel appraisal
  • Analysis on vessel preparation for sale
  • After sale recommendations on updates, refits, marinas and service providers
  • A variety of shipping and delivery options
  • Captain/crew services
  • Insurance and financing sources
  • Available local docking options
  • Local boater knowledge including liveaboard and cruising information

…and even local hotel and restaurant suggestions to suit your needs during the purchase/sale process!

On the following pages, we have provided a list of local services, along with an extensive list of highly qualified providers in all areas of required support. Due to the dynamics of the industry, we recommend you contact us for the most up-to-date information available.

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